We’re just about to start the project and as such we’re running a launch event on Friday 27 April.  This is an opportunity to get everyone around the table and remind ourselves what the project is about and make sure we get off to a good start.  As well as the academic team and stakeholder partners, the meeting is open to all – just drop me an email (p.i.jones@bham.ac.uk) if you want to come along so I can make suitable arrangements for catering.

We’ll be having these kinds of open meetings every six months to ensure that the project is kept on track and to give everyone involved an opportunity to feedback on progress.  For the launch meeting, we’re going to talk through how the different elements of the project are intended to work and provide a chance to discuss the road we’re heading down.  We’ve also got an exciting opportunity to visit the University of Birmingham’s Heritage and Cultural Learning Hub, a multi million pound centre part-funded by the ERDF.  As part of our project we are working with the Hub to devise multimedia outputs that work across web, mobile and table-sized multitouch screens.  The visit to the Hub will give us all a chance to think about how we can maximise the opportunities for dissemination of research that this technology affords us.

The full schedule for the Project Launch Day can be downloaded here.