Just a note to say thanks to everyone who came along to the project launch day.  After the presentations we had a set of really productive discussions about the direction of the project as well as a tour around the Heritage and Cultural Learning Hub, which gave Richard Clay an opportunity to show us some of the technology and techniques he has on offer for use with the project.

I was in Chicago last week as part of the University of Birmingham’s Cultural Delegation and heard a great deal about that city’s new Cultural Plan, as well as some really fascinating intermediation iniatives, including the Washington Park Arts Incubator and the work of the Arts and Business Council of Chicago.  Next week I’m off to Liverpool for a workshop being run by Kerry Wilson ‘It’s not the winning: reconsidering the cultural city’ – if you’re interested in going, follow this link.

One last set of links, this time to the slideshare pages for the presentations from the launch meeting: