Last week the AHRC were running a series of events in Edinburgh as part of the Connected Communities theme.  I was there for two of these, a networking day on the Wednesday and the Showcase on the Thursday.  The Showcase is an opportunity to highlight project findings to a more general audience.  Myself, Beth and Dave were representing the Cultural Intermediation project at this event showing off some posters and our new toy – a 55″ touch table, which the AHRC were kind enough to buy us to use at this and future events.

Phil and Beth showing off the touchtable at the AHRC Showcase event in Edinburgh 4 July 2013

Here’s myself and Beth posing for one of the official event photographers, with me trying not to look too camp.  It was a really fascinating day, with lots of interesting potential collaborators stopping to chat.  I had a really intriguing natter to the guys from Leicester Transport Heritage Trust about their work trying to turn an old tram shed into a museum and home for their collection – they could see some real value in being able to give people virtual access to some of their more fragile items through the use of a big touchtable.  There were also lots of interesting connections with other projects working on issues around asset mapping in local neighbourhoods, whcih seems to be a common thread across a number of Connected Communities researchers. I was particularly interested in the things that the project was tackling in terms of everyday lived experience for disabled people and questions of neighbourhood sustainability.

Overall a great couple of days, if somewhat tiring when having to switch between fearsome networking, selling the project on our stand and then the somewhat less glamorous job of driving the enormous van containing the touchtable back to Birmingham at the end of the event.

Phil taking a break from driving the enormous van with the comparatively small but hugely heavy touchtable loaded in the back.