Latest from Ordsall

June was a busy month in Ordsall with the On in Orsdall Community Researchers developing their approach to finding out more about cultural activities in the triangle and M3 magazine working out what to publish in a special on cultural activities around the Chapel Street area (which is in Ordsall).  Yours truly has been helping them and also trying to make sense of the bureaucratic structures that sit around the communities in Salford. This culminated with me making a short introduction to the project at the Ordsall and Longworthy Community Committee meeting on 1st July at the local neighbourhood centre.

I’ve also been volunteering at Ordsall Hall in the gardens there, learning lots about weeding (water the soil first if the plants are hard to pull up) and about tudor gardens (who knew that gem lettuce was around in medieval times – I thought it was a posh supermarket idea!). I’ve also started volunteering at Kids with Dreams at Salford Lads Club, where my favourite activities are colouring in with the kids and playing pool and only just about holding my own on the table.

I’ve spent time in Salford Quays (also part of Ordsall, dontcha know) and finding out about what goes on round there. I have a radar for free/cheap activities and so I am looking out for them.  I have hung out at Salford Uni MediaCity Campus and a community researcher and I went to the Lowry to find out from their learning and community engagement manager about what the Lowry do for their local community. Turns out, there’s loads going on – so much that it deserves a post of its own, so more later on that.

I’ve also been wandering around the Chapel Street area, taken on a guided tour of the other end of Ordsall all the way up to Greengate (the new development opposite Manchester Cathedral), along the pedestrial walkways next to the river Irwell, past the listed railway arches next to Salford Central station (where they used to keep horses back in the day), admiring Islington Park and the domes on buildings along the way.

Over the next 12 months, I will carry on helping with various cultural activities in the Ordsall area and developing links with other individuals, groups, organisations and events which give the area its heart and spirit. We are defining cultural activity very loosely here – any activity which gives life meaning – it’s that loose. I’m also trying to unpick the government structures that sit around the area as they are critical in understanding what helps people realise their ideas/ambitions.

I’m a fan of digital stuff so I’ve been looking out for apps and games ideas, none yet but it is early days.